How do you Compare to the State of AppSec in 2023?
The acceleration of application development has created new challenges across all industries. How we respond to those challenges with new tools that automate security and provide visibility into security posture, will be crucial in determining our successful navigation of this new development landscape. 
By completing this survey you will be able to measure how your organization compares to the state of application security in 2023 and versus 2022. We ran a version of this survey last year, and will compile results for this year, as well as in comparison to last year's benchmark. 
Thank you for taking the time to answer, we look forward to providing you with a copy of the final report. We'd also like to offer you 25 chances to win one of three items as a way of showing our appreciation for taking part in the survey. You can select which item you would like at the end of the survey by leaving your name and email address. 

An invitation to join the Purple Book Community

A $100 Amazon Gift Card A drone
5% of survey complete.