Australia Awards Papua New Guinea are prestigious scholarships awarded to the next generation of global leaders. Through study, research and activities such as CAFE in Australia, PNG awardees develop the skills and knowledge to drive change in their home country and build enduring people-to-people links with Australia.

CAFÉ aims to connect PNG awardees with Australians with similar backgrounds and interests. 


Complete this online registration and we will seek to match you with an AAPNG peer.

CAFÉ is about bringing people together, so matches will first be guided by your location. We will also consider your professional and personal interests, background, age, gender and education.  


Once a match is made, we will provide you with your peer's details and introduce you both. Suggested activities you can undertake include:
  • Meet over a coffee
  • Share a BBQ in the park
  • Enjoy an Australian cultural or sporting event
  • Show your PNG peer around your workplace

CAFÉ will run until the end of 2019. We recommend you catch up in person a minimum of two to three times, however there are no formal requirements as such. Beyond that, any further contact is at your discretion.
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