1. Introduction

Thank you for visiting Bob's site. Please take a few moments and provide your thoughts on a some key questions about youth sports, and give Bob your feedback. Bob is exploring how to increase awareness of issues in youth sports among concerned parents, coaches and administrators, and wants to identify opportunities to better meet kids' needs in sports.

The results of this survey will be published and updated periodically on Bob's website. Please check back for updates. You must be 18 or older to take this survey.

This survey pertains to team sports such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse and soccer.

Your input is very valuable. Thanks very much for your time and help!

* 1. What is your name?
What is your email address? (If you'd like a copy of the survey results)
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* 2. Which position(s) do you or have you held as an adult involved in youth sports? Please check any that apply:

* 3. What team sport(s) are you primarily involved in and are taking this survey about? Please check those which apply:

* 4. Please rate the importance of the following OVERALL ways to improve youth sports:

  1 - Not Really Important 2 - Not Sure 3 - Somewhat Important 4 - Important 5 - Very Important
Rules to ensure equitable playing time
Rules to promote fairer teams
Approaches to de-emphasize winning
Ways to make the program more fun
Better training for coaches in teaching sports skills
Better training for coaches about child development needs
Rules to enforce better parent and coach behavior at games
Ways to make travel programs better and/or less stressful
Changes that de-emphasize or even eliminate travel programs
Ways to keep more kids playing as they get older
Make programs easier for board members to manage
Promote sports as education and not just competition

* 5. Do you think communities should consider ways to change youth sports programs (or add new programs) where the structure of kids' sports is less formal, less driven by teams and standings, and/or more like pick-up play?

* 6. Please rate the effectiveness of the following SPECIFIC ways that might improve youth sports in your own community:

  1 - Not Really Effective 2 - Not Sure 3 - Somewhat Effective 4 - Effective 5 - Very Effective
Training courses for coaches on how to be positive
Information for parents on how to behave better
Information for both parents and coaches on why children's sports are different than sports for adults
Good behavior pledges for parents and coaches
Rules to reduce sideline coaching
Having silent sidelines for parents
Letting kids have more of a say in their sports
Placing less emphasis on winning
Putting less emphasis on formal teams or standings
Convincing league administrators that change is needed and showing them how
Getting community leaders involved, such as people on the town council, PTA, Board of Ed, etc.
Using the "power of the permit" to persuade youth sports clubs to improve their programs

* 7. How did you hear about Bob Bigelow? Please check any that apply:

* 8. If you happened to view Bob's video clip about sports from the kids' perspective, how did you like it?

* 9. Please provide your thoughts on the MOST IMPORTANT things that should be done in your community to improve sports for kids:

* 10. Do you think a talk by Bob Bigelow would be helpful to your community?