1. Tell us about your experience at MDA Care Center

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is proud to fund more than 150 neuromuscular specialty care centers across the country. MDA Care Centers are at the forefront of research and clinical care and MDA is working on many levels to enhance the clinic program - including the establishment of a Clinical Advisory Committee, Transitional Services Task Force, website enhancements, annual scientific and clinical neuromuscular meetings, myMuscle Team online care coordination tool, and more. One component of these efforts is the "Tell us about your MDA Care Center" section of MDA's website at www.mda.org.

To ensure that individuals with neuromuscular disease receive the best care and that every MDA Care Center is a source of help and hope for families affected by neuromuscular disease, we would like feedback regarding your experiences at your local MDA Care Center (or the care center you regularly attend). Completing this brief survey gives you an opportunity to praise your local care team, or offer suggestions on how the care center program can be improved.

If you have any additional comments about your local MDA Care Center that are outside the scope of this survey, please email carecenters@mdausa.org.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experiences at your local MDA Care Center or the care center where you regularly receive your neuromuscular care.

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