Community at Watermark

Our hope is that this assessment will spark some great conversation among group members and that you will use the results to help plan the next best steps for your group. As always your Watermark Community Director would love the opportunity to help you troubleshoot, brainstorm and discover some great resources to help your group move forward.

-Devote Daily
-Pursue Relationally
-Live Authentically
-Counsel Biblically
-Admonish Faithfully
-Engage Missionally
Directions: Answer the questions below about your group. Be sure to answer as honestly as possible, as this will help your group better identify areas where growth is needed, brewing conflict or hurts may need to be addressed, and where praise is due for the areas you are doing well.

Question Title

Type the last name of your group's leader followed by the first initial of the first name of your group's leader and then the year. (i.e. Joe Smith = smithj2015)