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1. Are you Male or Female?
2. What is your age?
3. Are you a:
4. Your reason for visiting this web site.
5. Please rate the following statements on the usefulness of our web site.
Strongly AgreeSomewhat AgreeNeither Agree not DisagreeSomewhat DisagreeStrongly Disagree
This Web site has much that is of interest to me.
It is difficult to move around this web site.
I can quickly find what I want on this web site.
This web site seems logical to me.
This web site needs more introductory explanations.
The pages on this web site are very attractive.
I feel in control when I am using this web site
This web site is too slow.
This web site helps me find what I am looking for.
Learning to find my way around this web site is a problem.
6. Please rate the following statements
Strongly AgreeSomewhat AgreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeSomewhat DisagreeStrongly Disagree
I don't like using this web site
I can easily contact the people I want to on this web site.
I feel efficient using this web site.
It is difficult to tell if this web site has what I want.
Using the web site for the first time is easy.
This web site has some annoying features.
Remembering where I am on this web site is difficult.
Using this web site is a waste of time.
I get what I expect when I click on this web site.
Everything on this web site is easy to understand.
7. Please provide any comments or questions you have regarding this web site.
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