AGC BIM Forum - BIM Content Needs

1. General Questions about BIM Content

This first section of the survey is about your general needs for BIM content on all project types
1. Please answer these questions about your firm.
Your Firm Size (annual project value)Your Specialty (choose all that apply)Your Role (choose the one that best describes what you do)
Questions with pull-down menus:
2. What is your level of BIM expertise?
3. Select one BIM tool for which you most need content to be developed. (note: Some popular tools such as AutoCAD and Sketch-up have not been included because they do not fully leverage intelligent data)
4. How much of the BIM content that you need has to be Manufacturer-specific instead of Generic (meaning not manufacturer-specific)?
5. What are the most important types of products that you need Manufacturer-specific content for?
6. When you search for BIM Content, how often do you get it from each of the following sources?
100% of the timeMost of the timeAbout half the timeSome of the timeNever
Make it ourselves
From other BIM users I know
From free online object libraries or user group sites
From a paid subscription service
From manufacturers' websites
7. How important are the following problems with the quality of BIM Content for building products that you are using?
Major ProblemModerate ProblemMinor ProblemNot a ProblemNot Sure
Content that is too "heavy" and degrades performance of BIM tool
Poor geometry of the objects
Insufficient data sets in the objects
Inconsistency in the way content has been built that creates unpredictable behavior in (or crashes) my BIM tool
Lack of interoperabilty of objects between BIM tools
8. If you had online access to reliable, professionally-built BIM content of both generic and manufacturer-specific building products, materials and equipment that easily integrated with your BIM tools would you use it?
9. Please rate importance to you of the following types of BIM building product content.
Highest PriorityMedium PriorityLowest Priority
Mechanical elements
Wall Finishes
Stairs & Railings
Basic Windows
Roof Accessories
Electrical elements
Civil/Landscape elements
Plumbing Fixtures
Sunscreen/shading devices
Curtain Wall / Storefront Systems
Basic Doors
Structural elements
10. Manufacturers want to know if creating BIM content will increase their likelihood of being procured and installed. What is your view on its impact on their chance of being procured?
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