Curriculum Lab Satisfaction Survey

UNC Pembroke School of Education

We want to make certain the Curriculum Lab and its staff meets your needs. Please take a moment to answer these questions and let us know how we are doing.
1. Tell us about yourself.
2. Please select the answer that best applies. Select N/A if you have not used the service.

How satisfied are you with the following:
Extremely SatisfiedVery SatisfiedSatisfied Somewhat SatisfiedNot SatisfiedN/A
Books and Printed Materials
Videos and DVDs
Computer for Lab Use
Curriculum Lab Hours
Helpfulness of Lab Staff
3. How important is the Curriculum Lab to you in the following areas?
Extremely ImportantVery ImportantImportant Somewhat ImportantNot ImportantN/A
Research on the Lab Computers
Quiet Place to Study
Use of Library Reference Materials (books, media, etc.)
Study/Work Group Meetings with Other Students/Faculty
Use of Supplies for Class Projects
Place for Social Meetings with Friends
4. Please select the answer that applies.
DailyWeeklyMonthlyTwice a semesterOnce a semesterNever
How often do you use the Curriculum Lab?
5. How often do you request assistance from the Lab Employee?
6. Are there improvements you would like to see in the Curriculum Lab?
SatisfactoryNeeds Improvement
More Books
More Journals/Magazines
More DVDs/Videos
Longer Hours
Access to more computers
More variety of project supplies
7. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions that were not addressed in the previous questions.
We value your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
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