O'Reilly Ebook Survey


Respondents names will be entered for a chance to win $200 worth of O'Reilly Ebooks.
1. How often do you read ebooks?
2. Where are you on the ebook adoption cycle?
3. Do you buy print and ebooks, or have you made the transition to electronic only?
4. Check the ebook features below that matter most to you.
5. On what device or devices have you read O'Reilly ebooks?
6. If you chose "iPhone" above, how are you reading ebooks?
7. Are you committed to the device and platform you're using now, or are you waiting for something better?
8. Whenever possible, O'Reilly provides you with three DRM-free electronic formats of each ebook--.PDF, .epub, and .mobi. Which formats have you used?
9. Which format do you prefer, and why?
10. Do you know of other publishers who are doing innovative things with ebooks? If so, tell us who they are, and what they're doing that's of value.
11. What can we do to improve your experience with O'Reilly ebooks?
12. Most ebooks are largely digitized print books. What features should the next generation of ebooks include?
13. Based on your experience with O'Reilly ebooks, how do you feel about the price you paid?
14. Why?
15. Leave your name and email address and you'll be entered for a chance to win $200 worth of O'Reilly ebooks.
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