November 2009 Magazine Survey

1. How long have you had the November issue of Reed magazine? ("Channelling Sappho")
2. Reed magazine is published four times a year. How many of those issues do you read in a year?
3. What pieces or features did you read in the magazine?
Read it.Intend to read it.Didn't read it, don't intend to.
Editor's Letter
Eliot Circular
Centennial Campaign Update
Architect for a Golden Age [A.E. Doyle]
Channeling Sappho
Ottomar's Odyssey
Apocrypha: Thesis Tales
4. What pieces did you read in the Alumni section?
Read it.Intend to read it.Didn't read it, don't intend to.
Empire of the Griffin [alumni chapter news]
Adventures in the 1st Person: Finding Faith in Fez
Class Notes
What We're Reading Now
In Memoriam
Shelley by Streetlight [Tom Kelly '48]
The Sorcerer [David Eddings '52]
Interpreting the Law [Connie Crooker '69]
Xi Whiz [Dave Wiegand ’95]
Body of Literature [Tasia Bernie '02]
Publishing Grandma [Eva Fields '08]
5. What article or section did you most enjoy in this issue of the magazine?
6. How compelling was the design of the cover? [Sappho calligraphy]
7. We know Reedies hate grades, but how would you rate the most recent issue?
8. Which of the following subject areas would you like to see more often (or less often) in Reed magazine?
MoreLessThe same
What's going on around campus
Operations and development of the college
Profiles of alumni
Intellectually stimulating research by Reed professors
Reed history
Issues in higher education
Topical issues with a Reed connection
Class Notes
9. Were any pages missing from your copy of the magazine?
10. In general, how does the magazine affect your feelings about Reed?
11. In general, how does the magazine affect your enthusiasm for supporting Reed financially?
12. Do you have any comments, specific or general, about Reed magazine?
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