School Attendance Boundaries - Student Day Schedule and Order

Due to the future opening of an 8th elementary school, as well as the need to maintain better enrollment size balance among our three middle schools, the District must re-balance attendance boundaries or “zones” for K-8 schools.

This will be a comprehensive process over the next 12-18 months, with implementation possible with the start of the 2019-2020 school year.  We are currently gathering feedback from all MSDWT stakeholders to assist us during the early stages of establishing these attendance zones.

Additionally, we will be using feedback from this survey to guide our discussions regarding the start and end times of our school day at all three levels.

Please respond to the following questions. Your responses will be very helpful as we consider attendance boundary options as well as potential changes to the times and order of our students' school day.

* 1. Please choose the items below that describe your role in the District.

* 2. Please use the arrows to rank the options below (1 representing your highest priority and 6 your lowest priority) in the order that reflects your opinion as to the most important and least important consideration when establishing new attendance boundaries.  It is not possible to apply all of these important considerations equally when conducting the complex process of re-balancing enrollments.  Your prioritized preferences will assist in our planning.

* 3. Please use the comment box to share additional priorities you wish the District to consider when establishing new attendance boundaries.

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