Welcome and thanks for taking the time to share your views about Queenstown Airport’s future.

Master Plan 2045

After considerable research and engagement with key stakeholders, a range of options has been created for the staged development of Queenstown Airport through to 2045. All of the options have different benefits and potential impacts on the communities we serve and the regional economy.

The next stage of the Master Plan process is to take our thinking to date and seek community feedback on what a sustainable future looks like and how the airport can achieve the best balance of social, environmental and economic benefits.

We want an end result which is sustainable, adaptable, affordable and memorable. Your views will help us shape our tomorrow and we will take them into account when we finalise our Master Plan.

To find out more about our Master Plan options please visit www.queenstownairport.co.nz/masterplan. You may also want to attend one of our tourism, business or resident sessions or the community ‘fly-in’ visits that we’re holding across the region prior to completing the survey. Details of the Fly-Ins can be found on our Master Plan webpage.

About the Survey

The survey covers various aspects of the Master Plan options. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and includes a series of multiple choice questions as well as space for other comments. You can save your comments as you go and send in your reply once you have finished. If you want to read more before responding, we’ve provided the link to the relevant information at the start of each section.

We are also asking you to provide some basic information about yourself and your travel habits. All responses and information will remain confidential.

Whether you’re a resident, business, holiday home owner or a regular visitor, we’re keen to get your views.

Tuesday 30 November, 5pm, is the final day for feedback.

For any queries regarding the Queenstown Airport 2045 Master Plan please email masterplan2045@queenstownairport.co.nz 

Thanks for taking part. We appreciate your help in shaping tomorrow.
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