You have landed here because you followed a link from our website or Facebook page, or somebody we both know thought you would be a great fit at ELBO Computing!

If you continue on, you'll find some information about our company and our work environment.  You'll also be able to select from any available open positions and then learn more detail about the position you selected.  Alternatively, you can simply throw your name in the ring for future openings if our current open positions are not up your alley.  Of course, we will be asking for your résumé data.  How else would we be able to decide who moves on to the interview phase?

If you make the cut, we'll reach out to you and schedule a time to meet in person.  Otherwise, we'll keep your information on file so we can reach out in the future should a position open up that may be a better fit.

If at any point you feel this isn't what you thought it would be, simply click the 'Exit this survey' button at the top of any page. Candidates who exit early or submit incomplete entries will not be considered.

Thank you for your interest in employment with ELBO Computing and good luck!

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