The City of Henderson is updating our Strategic Plan that will outline objectives for the next three to five years. Answering the following three questions will give us your input as we prioritize community needs and city services. Please only complete one survey.

The survey will be available through Sunday December 17, 2017.

* 1. What is your zip code

* 2. Please rate the following community issues

  Not a problem Minor problem Moderate problem Major problem Not sure
Drugs/Alcohol abuse
Too much growth
Lack of growth
Property taxes
Traffic congestion
Water supply
Water quality
Environmental concerns
Quality of transportation system
Poorly maintained private property
Employment opportunities
Housing affordability

* 3. The City of Henderson proudly maintains one of the lowest property tax rates in the Las Vegas valley. Maintaining this tax rate requires us to establish priorities for the provision of city services. Please rank the following services in regard to priority.

  High priority Medium priority Low priority Not sure
Road construction projects
Road maintenance
Storm water management
Maintenance of parks, trails, and open space
Upgrade/expand parks, trails, and open space
Security at City facilities
Maintenance of City facilities
Upgrade City facilities
City’s website / technology efforts
Community corrections programs
Distribution of City information
Development review / approval process / long range community planning
Code enforcement efforts
Animal control
Food assistance for needy families / seniors
Economic development efforts
Crime investigation efforts
Traffic control efforts
Jail operations
Law enforcement efforts
Fire protection services
Ambulance services
Emergency management services
Business licensing services
Crime prevention efforts
Voter services
Water treatment and delivery
Municipal court services

* 4. Please provide your email address if you would like a link to the completed results of the survey and the 2018 City of Henderson Strategic Plan.