Dear participant,

As you may know, a clinical trial is a type of research study on human beings, designed to answer specific questions about biomedical or behavioural interventions; they are essential for the development of new treatments (such as novel vaccines, drugs and medical devices). They are conducted in order to determine whether a treatment or device is safe and effective and study different ways to use existing ones. Clinical trials are only conducted after they have been approved by the health authority and ethics committee in the country where the approval of the therapy is sought. Clinical trials are the only available method to get new treatments for all babies, children and young people with the same disease; even when researchers do not obtain the predicted outcomes, any result can improve health. 

This survey has been designed in the framework of a new pan-European network specialised in conducting paediatric clinical trials, conect4children (c4c), The main objective of the survey is to find out which messages would be meaningful to a parent or caregiver of a baby, child or young person, when deciding to participate in a clinical trial.

We aim to improve future communications with families about clinical research, and your thoughts and opinions will help us to develop different messages that would be useful. 

Many thanks for taking the time to respond to this survey. Without you, this project would not be possible.

Time estimation for completion: 15 minutes
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20% of survey complete.