ACEC New York NYC Metro Area Benchmarking Survey

The NYC-Metro Area Benchmarking Survey, and the resulting summary and conference, is provided by ACEC New York as a value-added service to its members.

The purpose of this survey is to compile, analyze, and summarize the most relevant operating and financial metrics, and associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for NYC-Metro area engineering/consulting firms (including those in Long Island and Mid-Hudson) in order to provide actionable insights that firm leaders can use to improve financial circumstances, manage risk, and to more effectively address their most pressing leadership and management challenges.

The information in this survey will enable us to generate a presentation that highlights and ‘benchmarks’ firm performance and corresponding KPIs for NYC-Metro area E/C firms, in the following areas:
  • Revenue & Growth
  • Productivity & Profitability
  • Overhead Factors
  • Balance Sheet & Working Capital
  • Ownership, Leadership & Transition
  • Risk Management – Project, Financial, Digital/Cyber
  • Tax Planning and Strategy
  • NYC-Metro Opinion Survey & Market Observations
Our findings will provide firm leaders with the quantitative information they need to efficiently and effectively make, communicate, and defend key leadership and management decisions.

Please allow yourself ample time to complete (estimated completion time is 45 minutes to an hour).

Note: Your data will be kept private and will not be accessible to any parties outside of ACEC New York. During the report process, all data will be screened by ACEC New York staff, and each submission will be randomly assigned a number. Once this survey is complete, all data will be kept securely in its redacted form. For more information on the security of your data during the survey process, visit SurveyMonkey's Security Statement.
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