Thank you for participating in the NACS 2021 Convenience Retail Technology Survey!  Across the last year convenience retailers have been required to adjust technology priorities to meet changing operational and customer demands.  This survey will gather your feedback on technology challenges and the current landscape of convenience retail technology. 

This survey has two parts and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete

First, you will answer questions related to technology project prioritization, barriers to technology implementation, and the challenges technology solves for.

Second, you will rate specific technologies on implementation maturity/difficulty and degree of impact on the business across areas such as store operations, payments, marketing, fueling, etc.

You should not need to look up any information to complete the survey.  There are no incorrect answers, your honest opinion will help make this research as valuable as possible.

Your responses will remain anonymous.  No data gathered through this survey will be attributed directly to you or your company.  All data will be presented in aggregate as part of a white-paper research deliverable available to you for free later this year.  Should you have any questions about the survey please reach out to Patrick Loftus at