Welcome to the AMA (NSW) / ASMOF (NSW) Alliance Hospital Health Check for 2019

The Hospital Health Check Survey is open to all Doctors in Training - that's interns to fellows.

Please answer all questions based on ONE HOSPITAL that you've worked at in the last 12 months.

- If you've worked at several, pick the one you were at longest and/or most recently.
- If you want to answer for another hospital too, you can take the survey again at the end.

All responses should be kept ANONYMOUS - so don't include identifying details in your answers.

To go in the draw to win a $250 VISA cashcard you can leave your contact details at the end -  these will be kept separate to your survey answers, which will not be identifiable.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact hospitalhealthcheck@amansw.com.au.

Are you ready to Health Check your Hospital?
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