Thank you for your interest in a scholarship for NCLC's annual Consumer Rights Litigation Confe

This year, NCLC strongly encourages applications from practitioners engaged or wishing to engage in student loan and criminal justice work. 

Through NCLC’s Campaign for the Future and its supporters, private attorneys with less than 5 years of experience (Next Generation) and all Legal Aid lawyers will receive a 50% scholarship to attend NCLC Conferences, to make them as accessible as possible to those learning the craft, and those working exclusively with the low-income clients at the heart of NCLC’s mission.
This scholarship opportunity automatically lowers the cost of attendance to $199 for two weeks of intensive, impactful education and networking. Should you require different or additional funding, please proceed. 

The 2020 Virtual Consumer Rights Litigation Conference Scholarship Application will close on September 4th, 2020 at 11:59PM (ET). After the 4th, NCLC staff will be send award or denial emails prior to the September 25th early bird deadline. Please keep in mind that NCLC has limited funding to provide scholarships and will attempt to spread them out to as many attendees as possible. 

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* 1. I certify that I am a lawyer and/or consumer advocate and that neither I nor anyone in my organization represents business or commercial clients (except in disputes between two businesses) or is engaged in any business other than providing legal representation to consumers. If you have any questions or wish to qualify your certification email Anna Kowanko at

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