The organizers of the upcoming Seedbeds for Transformation have issued a call for SDG Labs Africa. The SDG Labs Africa are innovative and science-based activities that approach sustainability issues from the bottom-up and local level, contributing to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. The deadline for application is Feb 16th.

When filling in this application, please adhere to all word limits.

* 1. Please enter your full name

* 2. Please enter your email address

* 3. Please enter the name of your institution, company, organization, or else

* 6. Please enter the title of your proposed SDG Lab

* 7. Please enter the names and affiliations of those you are doing the SDG Lab with

* 8. Please list the country/countries that the SDG Lab will be focused on and where they will be carried out.

* 9. FOCUS AREA: Which is your focus area? Funds will mainly be rewarded to proposals in the three topic areas below, but others can be considered.

* 10. TOPIC: Please describe how your Lab fits in with the overall goals of the conference? (200 words max.)

* 11. SOLUTION: What is your idea for solution? What are the local or specific considerations you are taking into account? (200 words max.)

* 12. METHOD: Explain how you will do the Lab. How will the four phases be executed? Who are you going to involve, and how? (400 words max.)

* 13. POST-LAB: How do you anticipate the work could continue after successful completion of your Lab? (100 words max)

* 14. BUDGET: A draft budget for how you would spend the Lab funding, i.e. the 5000-6000 EUR allowed for carrying out the lab and 1000-2000 EUR for travel to the Seedbeds conference. (150 words max)