Wilson, North Carolina Parks & Recreation Survey

 The City of Wilson and the Wilson Parks and Recreation Department, in cooperation with experienced planning firms, Lose & Associates and WithersRavenel, are developing a Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Through research and extensive public input, this plan assesses the current and future level of service of parks system & recreation needs of the City over the course of the next ten (10) years. The purpose of this project is to develop a community-supported plan that directly relates to the mission of the City and provides guidance to effectively prioritize, fund, develop and manage parks, recreation facilities, green spaces, trails, and recreation programs.


A major component of developing a Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to conduct a community survey. Your participation is crucial in determining the vision and goals of our community's recreation and parks. Even if you do not currently participate in any recreation programs or utilize the park system in any way, your survey answers will still be important. We appreciate your time and efforts to make Wilson a great place to live, work and play. Thank you!


Wilson Parks and Recreation Department

* 1. There is a need to provide improved indoor recreation programming space for the community. Please select one option for providing indoor recreation programming space from the list below.

* 2. There is a need to provide improved aquatic facilities for the community. Please select one option for providing improved aquatic facilities from the list below.

* 3. Recreation program opportunities are being limited by the hours community centers are open to the public. Would you support longer hours of operation during the week and on weekends even if it will increase staffing requirements and increase the operating budget of the community centers.

* 4. The city should focus more financial resources on the development of greenway trails, sidewalks and bicycle lanes to connect neighborhoods to parks.

* 5. Do you feel the city has enough indoor rental space for wedding receptions, family reunions, birthday parties and other family related activities?

* 6. Would you be willing to participate in and adopt a park program in order to reduce vandalism in parks?

* 7. Would you like to see more art and improved landscaping in parks to beautify the city?

* 8. Using the list below indicate how often you take part in the following activities, whether through the Wilson Parks and Recreation Department or not:

  Very Often Often Occassionally Never
Individual Activity such as walking, bicycling, picnicking, fishing, bird watching, horseback riding, paddling and/or visiting a playground
Organized Group Activity such as soccer, baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, track and field, softball, cheerleading and/or swim league
Special Events such as Food Truck Fridays, Touch-a-Truck, Independence Day Fireworks, Eggs-traordinary Extravaganza, music or movies in the park, festivals, 5K races, etc.
Classes or Programs such as Summer Camps, Art Camp, Gymnastics, Special Populations, Swimming, Parents Night Out, Senior Trips

* 9. Do you think the following facilities, programs and activities provided in Wilson are currently meeting the needs of the community? Please check the appropriate response.

  Not Enough Often Occasionally Never
Parks/Park Land
Recreation Programs/Activities
Athletic Facilities
Athletic Programs/Activities
Fitness Programs/Activities
Tennis Programs/Facilities
Senior/Active Adult Programs
Activities/Programming for Young Adults
Activities/Programming for Teens
Arts Programs and Activities
Adventure Programs/Activities
Community-wide Special Events
Aquatic Programs/Facilities
Boat Ramps
Bicycle Trails
Nature Programs
Access to Gymnasium 
Summer Camps & After School Programs 
Disc Golf 
Adult Sports Leagues 
Programs for Individuals with Special Needs 
Dog Parks
Splash Pads
Wedgewood Golf Course 

* 10. For each of the facilities listed below, please indicate how often you and or members of your household have visited in the past year.

  1-5 visits  6-11 visits  12 or more visits  No Visits this Year  Not aware of this park
Belle Meade Park
Buckhorn Lake
Burt Gillette Athletic Complex
Carolina St Park
Cavalier Park
Elvie Resource Center Park (Vera Pope)
Fleming Stadium
Freeman Park
Lake Wilson Reservoir
Lamm Park
Lane Street Park
Linear Park
Matthis Park
Merrimont Park
Norris park
Pender St park
Recreation Park
Reid St park
Ridgewood Park
Toisnot Park
Warren St Park
Washington-Carver Heights Park
Weaver-Baily Park
Wedgewood Golf Course
Westwood Park
Wiggins Mill Reservoir
Williams day Camp
Wilson Rose Garden 
Woodard Park

* 11. Please indicate if any of the following prevents you and/or members of your household from using Wilson's parks, facilities or trails? Please check all that apply.

* 12. Please place a check next to the Youth and Adult Sports that you OR members of your family have and/or would like to participate in. (Note: blank answers will be counted as no participation and/or no interest).

  Have participated in  Would like to participate in
Youth Sports: Adaptive Sports for Special Needs
Youth Sports: Archery
Youth Sports: Baseball League
Youth Sports: Basketball League
Youth Sports: BMX
Youth Sports: Cheerleading
Youth Sports: Disc Golf League
Youth Sports: Flag Football
Youth Sports: Inline Hockey
Youth Sports: Lacrosse League
Youth Sports: Skating/Skateboarding
Youth Sports: Soccer League
Youth Sports: Softball- Fast Pitch
Youth Sports: Sports Camp
Youth Sports: Swim Team
Youth Sports: Tackle Football 
Youth Sports: Tennis Programs
Youth Sports: Track Team
Youth Sports: Travel Team(s) 
Youth Sports: Volleyball Leagues 
Adult Sports: Adaptive Sports for Special Needs
Adult Sports: Baseball Leagues 
Adult Sports: Basketball Leagues 
Adult Sports: Disc Golf
Adult Sports: Flag Football Leagues
Adult Sports: Kickball Leagues 
Adult Sports: Pickleball
Adult Sports: Soccer Leagues
Adult Sports: Softball Leagues
Adult Sports: Swim Team
Adult Sports: Tennis Leagues
Adult Sports: Ultimate Frisbee
Adult Sports: Volleyball Leagues 

* 13. Please place a check next to the Senior Programs (55+) that you OR members of your family have and/or would like to participate in. (Note: blank answers will be counted as no participation and/or no interest).

  Have participated in  Would like to participate in
Senior Programs: Aerobics Classes 
Senior Programs: Archery Classes/Team 
Senior Programs: Bingo
Senior Programs: Bowling 
Senior Programs: Card Games (Bridge, Pinochle, etc) 
Senior Programs: Computer Classes 
Senior Programs: Cooking Classes 
Senior Programs: Dance Classes (Line Dancing) 
Senior Programs: Fishing Classes 
Senior Programs: Game Day & Brunch 
Senior Programs: Gardening 
Senior Programs: Golf Tournaments 
Senior Programs: Pickleball 
Senior Programs; Tennis 
Senior Programs: Health/Fitness Classes 
Senior Programs: iPhone/mobile phone Classes 
Senior Programs: Nature Programs 
Senior Programs: Photography Classes 
Senior Programs: Pottery/Ceramic Classes 
Senior Programs: Quilting or Tatting 
Senior Programs: Running Club 
Senior Programs: Senior Trips 
Senior Programs: Shuffle Board Leagues 
Senior Programs: Swimming (Fitness) 
Senior Programs: Walking Club 

* 14. Please place a check next to the Special Events, Classes and Adventure Activities that you OR members of your family have and/or would like to participate in. (Note: blank answers will be counted as no participation and/or no interest.)

  Have participated in  Would like to participate in
5K Races/Triathlons 
Adventure Programs 
Aerobics/Group Exercise 
After school programs 
Aquatics Fitness Classes 
Art Classes 
Art Show/Festivals 
Bicycle Safety 
Biking (BMX and/or Mountain Biking) 
Bird Watching 
Camping Classes 
Challenge/Ropes Course 
Computer/Technology Classes 
Cooking Classes 
Dance Classes 
Disc Golf 
Father/Daughter Dinner Dance 
Fishing Classes 
Fishing Rodeo 
Fitness on Demand Programs 
Fitness Training 
Food Truck Events 
Gardening Programs 
Geocaching Programs 
Health & Nutrition Classes 
Holiday Programs 
Music Classes 
Nature Programs 
Pottery/Ceramic Classes 
Programs for Individuals with Special Needs 
Rappelling/Rock Climbing Programs 
Swimming Lessons 
Theater Classes 
Yoga and/or Tai Chi 

* 15. From the following list, please check the THREE primary reasons why your household has participated in Wilson Parks and Recreation programs.

  1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice
Quality of Instructors
Location of the Program/Facility
Quality of the Program/Facility
Dates the Program is Offered
Times the Program is Offered
Friends participate in the Program
Affordable Fees for Programs

* 16. If you do not participate in Wilson Parks and Recreation programs, what prevents you from participating? Please check all that apply.

* 17. The following are some of the benefits that you and your household may receive from recreation, parks, green space and trails. For each potential benefit, please indicate your level of agreement with the benefits as described.

  Strongly Agree  Agree  Disagree  Strongly Disagree  Do Not Know
Improve physical health and fitness 
Help reduce crime 
Improve the quality of life in Wilson 
Preserve open space and the environment 
Increase property values in surrounding area 
Improve water and air quality 
Contribute to a sense of community 
Help attract new residents and businesses 
Contribute to economic development through tourism
Provide healthy recreational opportunities 

* 18. Please indicate if you agree, disagree or do not know about the following statements:

  Agree  Somewhat Agree  Disagree  Somewhat Disagree  Do Not Know
Additional meeting/program space is needed. 
Wilson Parks and Recreation Department maintains a good image in the community.
Compared to other priorities (public safety. streets, utilities, schools), parks and recreation is important to a community. 
I feel safe when visiting a park or recreation facility. 
I feel that I have good access to a park. 
Parks are well distributed throughout the City. 
I am willing to be a volunteer to improve our parks 
I feel I have good access to greenways and trails. 
I feel I have good access to aquatic facilities. 

* 19. Please rate your satisfaction with the following parks and recreation services provided by Wilson Recreation & Parks Agency.

  Very Satisfied  Somewhat Satisfied  Somewhat Dissatisfied  Very Dissatisfied  Don’t Know
Availability of Information about programs/parks
Ease of registering for programs 
Fees charged for recreation programs 
Customer Service by staff at facilities 
Condition and appearance of parks and facilities you have visited 

* 21. If you would not walk or bicycle, why?

* 22. Do you travel outside of the City to use parks and recreation facilities?

* 23. If so, where? 

* 24. Do you use recreation facilities offered by other providers?

* 25. If you answered yes above, please check the factors that influence your decision to use these other facilities (Please check all that apply):

* 26. Listed below are some projects that Wilson may consider adding if funding is available. Please indicate what you feel is the level of need for each item.

  Much Needed  Somewhat Needed Probably Not Needed Definitely Not Needed  Do Not Know
Develop a new centralized community center. 
Provide more paved trails and improved sidewalks that link neighborhoods, schools and parks together. 
Develop adventure play facilities.
Develop a nature center. 
Develop more multi-purpose fields. 
Expand canoeing/kayaking facilities. 
Develop a center for active seniors. 
Develop a centralized aquatic center. 
Renovate existing community centers 
Renovate existing aquatics facilities 

* 27. (CAPITAL FUNDING) In order to redevelop existing parks and facilities and construct new parks, greenways and other facilities, the master planning team is recommending the City of Wilson fund a long term bond. The City would use an increase in general funds to cover the cost of the bond. Please indicate you level of support by choosing one choice below.

* 28. (OPERATIONAL FUNDING) Please indicate below the amount of additional funding you would support per month, per household, to improve park maintenance and expand recreation programs. (Check ONE)

* 29. Please indicate which of the following ways you currently and prefer to get information about events and programs?

  Current Preferred
Program Guides
Direct Mail Pieces
Banner Signs in Parks
Community Magazines
Local Television Channels
Local Radio Station Announcements (please list station below)
Facebook, Twitter or other social media
Schools (flyers, e-newsletter, play guide, etc.)
Email (e-newsletter)
Text Messages
Word of Mouth

* 30. How long have you lived in the City of Wilson?

* 31. Please indicate your age.

* 32. Which of the following best describes your family's employment pattern?

* 34. Please indicate your gender.

* 35. Which of the following best describes your household?

* 36. If you have children at home, how many children do you have in each of the following age groups?

* 37. Please check your housing status.

* 38. What is your household income?