As part of Voice for Adoption’s Adoptive Family Portrait Project, participating families are matched with a member of Congress from their state. Selected families’ portraits and their stories will be displayed in their congressperson’s office for the duration of November and will be displayed at the National Adoption Program. Our goal is to raise awareness of both the joys and challenges that families experience by adopting children from foster care. We will use your responses to write up a your family story. Please share as much information as you are comfortable with having included in a public profile of your family. Once we have received your survey, we will match you with a member of congress. 

*Please note that this survey is not public, the responses you submit will be used to create a one page brief on your family. The page will be included in a digital and hardcover Family Portrait Project.The sooner this is completed the easier it is to start writing your family story for the project—your timely efforts are appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact Schylar Baber at or 202-210-8118.

* 1. In brief, how did you hear about the Adoptive Family Portrait Project?

* 2. Please provide your contact information: (physical address is needed to determine Representative district & for mailing our final project booklet).

* 3. Please provide your adopted child (or children’s) information: name, age, time in foster care, age of adoption, and if they are special needs (i.e. older when adopted, requires additional support for mental health, education, and etc)

* 4. Please select the following if applies

* 5. Please describe your adopted child (or children’s) personalities and hobbies.

* 6. Describe the rest of your immediate family, including your biological children who live with you, if you have any.

* 7. What motivated you to adopt from foster care?

* 8. What agency and what recruitment efforts or campaigns, if any, were effective in helping you decide to adopt a child from foster care?

* 9. Please describe the services and supports that you have used during post-adoption such as mental health counseling, medical services and how they help your family. Please list any challenges you have had in accessing these services. (Learn more about post-adoption services at

* 10. If your family has received counseling, what impact has it made on your lives?

* 11. What obstacles did you overcome with your family through the adoption process?

* 12. Has faith and community influenced your reactions and decision-making during the adoption process and afterwards? If so, how?

* 13. If you could tell policymakers one thing you would like to see happen related to adoption and foster care issues, what would it be? And why? Examples could include faster placement, more support after adoption, better training for welfare personnel, or more financial support during the process.

* 14. Have you utilized the federal Adoption Tax Credit (IRS form 8839)? If yes, during which years and how has it been helpful to your family? If no, why not? (Learn more about current adoption tax credit advocacy efforts at: & 

* 15. Quotes from Adoptees (if willing):
What was the first memory you have of laughing with your adopted family? Or what was your first memory of thinking that you were home with your adopted family?

* 16. What does adoption or family mean to you?

* 17. What would you like to tell others about adoption? (Ex. Other young people, friends, teachers, other adults, etc.)

* 18. I/we hereby grant Voice for Adoption (VFA) permission to record and reproduce my/ our family’s likenesses, stories, and names for use in their Adoptive Family Portrait Project, website, and social media and other efforts to increase positive public awareness of adoption from foster care.

*NOTE: VFA will not use your child's full name and will contact you prior to using your family story on social media. This year's Adoptive Family Portrait Project publication will be posted to VFA's website.

I/ we may cancel this release at any time by providing written notice to VFA. This cancellation shall be effective 90 days after VFA’s receipt of this notice, except as to any printed materials ordered prior to the receipt of notice, as those printed materials may continue to be used by VFA until the inventory is completely depleted.

Signing this release is consent to use my/our photos, names, information, and stories, and means they will be property of VFA. It does not take away my/our rights to publish my/our personal story/ stories. It does not guarantee that my/ our information will be used by VFA. I/ we understand there will be no financial compensation.

I/we also consent to VFA contacting my family’s adoption/ foster care staff for the purpose of approval to promote my family’s story as a representative from that state.   

Taken at the National Adoption Month Briefing and Portrait Project Display Reception

Taken at the National Adoption Month Briefing and Portrait Project Display Reception