Public Libraries Strategy Consultation 2017 - Introduction

Our public libraries are much-loved and much-used facilities. Across Western Australia’s 231 public libraries, there are more than one million active library members who borrowed more than 16 million physical items and some 600,000 e-books and audio books in 2015-16.

But there is a need for significant, transformational change to deliver more efficient and flexible public library services to continue to meet Western Australia’s growing and diverse community needs.

The context for public libraries is shifting, with libraries operating as community spaces with strong links to community, social cohesion and workforce development.  Technological developments continue to change the way people interact with information, requiring public libraries to remain relevant at the forefront of technology, enabling access as well as support for skills development in the community.  Public libraries also need to better communicate their connections with, value and impact on the community.
The WA Public Libraries Strategy is the result of extensive research and consultation through the Public Libraries Working Group and with stakeholders including local government authorities. The priorities outlined in the Strategy are intended as a consultation tool to establish a shared strategic vision for public library development in Western Australia. The draft Strategy and background research papers can be found at:

We are seeking feedback on the Strategy from community members, library users and those that do not use public libraries, local governments, public librarians and community groups. 

Should you have any questions regarding this consultation process please contact: