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Hello! The Amtgard V9 Team is conducting a series of surveys about the current Amtgard Rules of Play on behalf of the Circle of Monarchs. We are requesting your participation in this and future surveys to help us better understand how the community uses the V8 ruleset.
This is Survey #3: Expanded Combat Rules.

You can access all our surveys at They may be completed in any order.

Taking part in this survey is completely voluntary. We have also included a “prefer not to answer” option for every question if you do not feel comfortable answering.

Your survey responses will be treated in confidence and only used for research and development purposes. With that in mind, abusive or inappropriate comments may result in your responses being discarded, and further action may be taken if the situation necessitates.

This survey is longer than normal.
The survey should take around 20 minutes to complete.
We understand this is a longer-than-normal survey however we feel like the topics needed to be kept together due to their intertwined nature. We appreciate your understanding.

Terms and concepts in these questions are based on language from the latest version of the Amtgard V8 Rules of Play, which can be found here.

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