Local Unit Officer Nominations

It is time to develop a slate of candidates for our Local Unit Officers. Our local unit’s strength and effectiveness is determined by the level of participation. Elected WSNA Local Unit Officers work in partnership with the WSNA Nurse Representative and are the backbone of our local unit. 

If you are interested in being a leader in our Local Unit or know someone who might be a great candidate, this is your opportunity to nominate yourself or someone whom you feel would fill the role well. Training for each of these positions will be provided. Officer terms are for three (3) years. All may succeed themselves.

Please nominate yourself or someone else. If you are nominating someone as Local Unit Officer, other than yourself, they will have to agree to be placed on the slate, so encourage them to run! All nomination forms must be received by June 10, 2022.
Chair: The Local Unit Chair coordinates the local unit. They are responsible for ensuring the goals are met and accomplishing the business of the local unit. The goals work to keep members informed and involved, uphold the Local Unit Rules, and ensure committees are functional and accountable. The Chair runs local unit meetings.

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* 1. Nomination(s) for Chair

Vice- Chair: The Local Unit Vice- Chair works closely with the Chair and helps meet the goals of the Local Unit and Members. The Vice- Chair runs local unit meetings when the Chair is unavailable and assists with committee functions. The Vice- Chair would assume the role as Chair in the absence or vacancy of Chair position.

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* 2. Nomination(s) for Vice-Chair


Secretary/Treasurer: The Local Unit Secretary/Treasurer takes notes, posts to WSNA bulletin board and maintains records and minutes of the Local Unit in the secretarial role and keeps an itemized account of all the receipts and disbursements pertaining to local unit funds and reports to the Officers on the status of the dues in the role of treasurer.

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* 3. Nomination(s) for Secretary/Treasurer

Grievance Officer: The Local Unit Grievance Officer assists RNs in meetings with management & oversees contract enforcement through the use of the grievance procedure found in the contract, advocating for all the nurses.

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* 4. Nomination(s) for Grievance Officer

Local Unit Rep: All units need at least one Unit Rep for each shift. The Unit Rep is the appointed primary point of contact
between nurses in the unit, Local Unit Officers, and WSNA Staff. A Unit Rep welcomes and introduces
themselves and WSNA to new nurses in their clinical area. Unit Reps are a resource to nurses in their clinic and
across the bargaining unit. Unit Reps collect and distribute information so that nurses and Local Unit Officers can
work together for maximum contract enforcement. (Not an elected position)

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* 5. Nomination(s) for Local Unit Rep

Self-nomina­tions are strongly encour­aged! If you are nominating yourself, please also submit a consent to serve form. This form can be downloaded from the local unit website at https://cdn.wsna.org/assets/local-unit-assets/northwest-hospital/Consent-to-Serve_2022-05-18-202706_ykhn.pdf.

Nomina­tions will close June 10, 2022.

If you have questions regarding the duties of a local unit officer, please contact Nurse Representative Sara Frey at sfrey@wsna.org.