By completing this form, you are applying to record a podcast for CoreNet Global. Be creative! Present bold ideas or information that helps shape your profession. All submissions will be considered within 10 business days and applicants will be notified whether their application has been accepted. Those selected will have 10 business days to record their podcast.

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Podcast Requirements & Guidelines:
  • Podcasts must be no longer than 15 minutes in length.
  • Product, service or vendor promotions are strictly prohibited.
  • Podcasts should be respectful of differing views, competitors, etc.
  • Derogatory, inflammatory or offensive comments are strictly prohibited.
  • Podcasts can feature one or more participants in an editorial or interview format.
  • If you record the podcast yourself, please note that the recording should meet the following technical specifications:
    o Provided in MP3 format
    o Good sound quality with limited background noise
  • If you are unable to record your own podcast or would like to be interviewed, CoreNet Global can assist once your application is approved.
  • The opportunity to record a podcast is reserved for members in good standing (although CoreNet Global will also curate podcast content as well).
  • The opinions expressed in What's Next podcasts are not necessarily those of CoreNet Global.
  • Podcast recordings may not be re-published without written permission from CoreNet Global.
  • CoreNet Global retains full editorial control and reserves the right to edit content or to refuse publication of submitted material. Podcasts are the property of CoreNet Global.
  • Contributors are responsible for ensuring that the material they present is their own, that they do not divulge proprietary information or otherwise violate the policy of the company(ies) they represent.
For general questions and more information, please contact Alexis Carthan at