Review of the Development Policy Centre's aid and development work


We are currently reviewing our work on Australian aid and global development. We want to learn about potential improvements. We also want to learn what we could do more of.

As part of this review we would like you to fill out the following survey.

The survey is short – it takes about 9 minutes to complete.

Your replies to the survey will be de-identified, and we will not publish your name in the review.

The aid-based work that we are focusing on in this review includes the Devpolicy blog, the AidTracker, the Budget Breakfast, and our discussion papers and reports, as well as our collaboration with various organisations. We also ask some general questions about our work. The survey is structured so that you will only be asked about work you are familiar with.

We are not covering the Australasian AID Conference, our PNG work, or our Pacific labor mobility work in this survey. These are covered by other evaluations and feedback mechanisms.

We would greatly appreciate your input. If you have any questions please email:

Thank you.

Stephen Howes and Terence Wood