Ahoy, intrepid StarTalk travelers! We've been thinking about putting a new spin on the two things we enjoy most: science and VACATION! Picture this: 2,200 like-minded StarTalk fans, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and more of your favorite StarTalk, StarTalk All-Stars, and Playing with Science hosts, co-hosts and celebrity guests, all on one giant cruise ship. We're thinking about taking this show out on the open ocean for a cruise vacation that combines warm waters, sunshine, stargazing under clear, dark skies, StarTalk, and YOU.

So what do you think about a vacation curated by StarTalk? What would you like to get out of a StarTalk cruise experience? Sound off in the brief survey below and let us hear you!

* 1. Which of these cruise options sounds most appealing to you?

*Note: These prices are based on double occupancy. The average cost comes down with additional guests in your room.

* 2. What time of year would your prefer to go on vacation?

* 3. What do you want to do on your vacation hosted by StarTalk & Neil deGrasse Tyson? Please feel free to add your own ideas.

* 4. We would aim to make this vacation as immersive as possible - imagine talks and interactive activities with Neil deGrasse Tyson and your other favorite StarTalk hosts. What ideas do you have for activities that we could bring to life on this event?

* 5. Please name up to your top 10 favorite StarTalk hosts, scientists, comedians, and/or celebs you'd like us to bring along.

* 6. What are some of your favorite areas of science? (Check all that interest you).

* 7. Who would you want to bring with you?

* 8. Have you ever sailed on a traditional (non-themed) cruise?

* 9. If you had to decide right now, how likely are you to go on a cruise vacation curated by StarTalk?

* 10. What Is your age?

* 11. Where are you located?

* 12. What is your gender?

* 13. May we send you further questions or updates in the future specifically about the idea of a cruise curated by StarTalk?

* 14. As we explore the idea of a cruise curated by StarTalk, is there anything else you would like to share with us?