Please join our opinion panel.

The Florida Sportsman Panel is being created to give outdoors enthusiasts, like yourself,  an opportunity to give their opinions on a wide range of outdoors topics including:

Fishing and Hunting
Environmental issues
Ethical issues in the outdoors
New Products

Members of the panel will be invited to provide their insights and opinions online.  Your feedback helps guide conservation efforts, important policy matters and the possible creation of new products.  Make your voice heard on  decisions that shape the world of the Florida Sportsman.

Our pledge to our panel members is simple: your information and responses are strictly confidential.  We never look at individual responses only aggregate data totals. You will not be contacted by anyone else. And you can leave the panel at any time. Period. 

So, if you love the Florida outdoors, join our  Florida Sportsman Panel today!

Thanks for being a part of the solution!  And don’t forget to tell a friend.

Tight lines,

Blair Wickstrom Publisher