You are invited to participate in a novel survey to gain an understanding of the barriers that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) researchers and practitioners face to the conduct and application of research within their professions. 

To be eligible, any CAM practitioner and/or researcher who may be staff, alumni or member of CAM institutions, e.g. schools/colleges/universities, organisations, associations, business practices and other bodies, can partake in this survey.
Please note that in case you begin but do not complete the survey, you can return to the survey link anytime to complete the rest of the survey. 
This survey is part of a PhD undertaking by Yasamin Veziari, supervised by A/Prof Saravana Kumar and A/Prof Matthew Leach at the University of South Australia.

Your help in participating and/or disseminating this survey will help to further the understanding of barriers to the conduct and application of research in CAM. Further detailed information about the project is outlined in the Participant Information Sheet on the next two pages.

Thank you in advance.