Thank you for your willingness to help by sharing your feedback! I'm interested in how moms are experiencing the holidays and for those who have found great ways to manage holiday logistics and reduce stress, how they do it.  This survey is brief (it should take less than 10 minutes of your time).

* 1. Did you celebrate Easter or Passover during the spring?

* 2. If you celebrated either holiday, where was your family celebration?

* 3. How did you feel (overall mood and stress levels) in the the days before, during and after the holiday?

  Calm/relaxed  Somewhat more stressed/tired (than usual) More overwhelmed or tired (than usual)
One week before the holiday
During the holiday events/ceremonies and/or celebrations
After the holiday was over

* 4. If you celebrated Easter or Passover, would you like to change anything about how you handle the holiday next year? Why or why not?

* 5. Typically, what do you enjoy the most about holidays? Why?

* 6. What about holidays do you find the most challenging? Why?

* 7. For the Fall and Winter Holidays (i.e., Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah) how far in advance do you typically prepare?

  Less than 1 week  1 to 2 weeks  3 to 4 weeks 1 - 2 months  More than 2 months  N/A
Planning logistics: i.e. timing with friends/family, deciding where, etc.
Planning food: i.e. Menu, coordination with friends/family if group meal, table setting, buying extra etc.
Travel i.e. choosing how to get there, buying tickets, finding place to stay, etc.
Gifts i.e. planning what gifts, budgeting, buying.
Decorating i.e. decorating, cleaning &/or organizing your space specially for the holidays.

* 8. What do you want your children to remember most about the holidays?

* 9. Do you have any holiday short cuts or routines that save you time, money or energy?  If yes, please explain.

* 10. What's the best thing you've ever done during the holidays? Please explain why it was so awesome.

* 11. Are you parent with children living in your home (either full or part time)?

* 12. Are you male or female?

* 13. How many children, by age, currently live in your household?

* 14. Do you work outside of the home?

* 15. Optional:  
If you're interested in the topic of moms and stress and would like to receive results from this survey or invitations to take future Mom's Hierarchy surveys, please share your email address below (it will be kept confidential).