With the generous support of the Estonian Relief Committee (ERC) through the Hans Ots Annual Grant, Sõrve Sõbrad is excited to announce:

The Sõrve Sõbrad Support Program

The aim of the Sõrve Sõbrad Support Program is to provide financial assistance to help all children and teenagers in Australia, with particular attention to children from interstate and country NSW who have a keen interest in Estonian Culture to participate in the annual Sõrve Summer Camp in January.

We wish to build upon and broaden the success of Sõrve Summer Camp in building friendship and links among the youth of the Australian Estonian community.

(Note - The financial assistance will cover some of the registration cost to attend camp only.)

Who Can Apply for this program?

Children aged 8-18 years of age.

Children who come from Australia, with priority given to children from interstate and country NSW.

(Sõrve Sõbrad has a long past history of assisting children of the Estonian community from anywhere in Australia to attend camp on a case by case basis if there is financial hardship demonstrated).
Criteria for Application:
  • Demonstrate a keen interest or involvement in Estonian Culture.
  • Genuine financial hardship.
  • Applications are open to all first timers or those that have attended camp before.
(Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis in strict confidence).

Please note applications close by November 30, 2019.

Please fill in the application for support below:

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* 1. Child's First Name

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* 2. Child's Surname

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* 3. Child's Date of Birth

Date of Birth

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* 4. Child's age currently

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* 5. Does the child speak or understand Estonian?

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* 6. How long has the child been involved in the Estonian community?

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* 7. What type of Estonian activities has the child been involved in?

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* 8. What is the reason for applying for financial assistance?

(In broad terms – specifics are not required and your privacy will be respected)

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* 9. Contact Details of Parent/Guardian

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