LAMBA is embarking on a process to determine our goals and path for the next several years. Your input will be valuable in helping us determine the future of LAMBA. Your responses are anonymous; this survey does not include any way to identify respondents.

* 1. How old are you?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Please enter the ZIP code where you live.

* 4. Are you currently a member of LAMBA and, if so, how many years have you been a member?

* 5. Please indicate how frequently you use the following platforms to get information about LAMBA:

  Always  Often  Sometimes  Rarely  Never
“LAMBA Trails/Rides” Facebook page
“LAMBA” Facebook page
Emails from leadership

* 6. There are many reasons someone might be a member of LAMBA. Please rate each reason listed as to how important it is to you according to the column headings.

  Extremely Important  Very Important  Somewhat Important  Not important
To be a part of an advocacy group for mountain biking in Linn County and in Iowa
To participate in group MTB rides
To give a little monetary support to a group whose mission I believe in
For friendship and camaraderie—to get to know other mountain bikers
To learn trail-building and maintenance techniques and put them to use on the local trail systems
To support the land conservation efforts LAMBA engages in
To meet people who might be good traveling companions to ride trail systems beyond Linn County
To receive discounts at local bike shops
To gain proficiency as a mountain biker
To learn about upcoming MTB events
To maintain or increase fitness

* 7. About how long have you been mountain biking?

* 8. Spring through fall, about how many times per month do you ride mountain bike singletrack?

* 9. About what percentage of your local MTB rides are with other LAMBA members?

* 10. Please select the one statement below that best describes you.

* 11. Please rate how important the following trail system features are to your mountain biking enjoyment.

  Extremely Important  Very Important  Somewhat Important  Not important
Trail quality (design, features)
Ease of access/distance from home or work
Natural beauty of the trails
Natural technical features
Human-built technical features
Difficulty and variety level
Flowy sections of trail
Beginner-friendly trails and features available
Technically challenging sections of trail
Total trail distance within system
Stacked loop trail structure for ease of customizing ride distance, variety
Trailhead amenities (parking, rest rooms, water, picnic facilities, etc.)
Proximity to après ride refreshment options

* 12. Which LAMBA-maintained trail experience is your favorite and why? (You may select only one.) In the comment box, please explain your choice.

* 13. About how many hours have you volunteered with LAMBA in the past year?

* 14. What would encourage you to start volunteering with LAMBA or to increase the amount of time you volunteer with LAMBA? Please select all that apply.

* 15. LAMBA is in the process of deciding how to invest its time and resources in the coming years. Please rate each issue or activity listed below as to how important you think it is for LAMBA to address.

  Extremely important  Very important  Somewhat important  Not important
Gaining access to additional land for trails
Conservation/stewardship and maintenance of existing trail systems
Improving trail design and construction
Developing partnerships with like-minded groups, including government entities
Increasing the membership of LAMBA
Promoting races and other riding events
Hosting social events for members
Developing a mountain bike skills park
Investing in outreach to youth and families
Introducing people to mountain biking; helping new riders get started

* 16. Please describe anything that LAMBA currently does that you think it should STOP DOING in order to focus time and resources on other activities.

* 17. What do you think LAMBA should START DOING in the future that it does not currently do?

* 18. What is your dream for the future of LAMBA? Think big!

* 19. Do you plan to join, maintain your membership, or drop your membership in LAMBA for the coming year?