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Register to win a unique Super Bowl LV Hat

You can be part of the Super Bowl action -
no matter where you are on game day.

Enter to win a unique Super Bowl LV Hat.
It's easy. Here is what you do:
  • Fill out the registration form below - if you win, we need to know where to send your hat!
  • Post a photo of yourself on your social media (twitter or Instagram) and use the hashtag #greenandwin
  • The photo needs to show you doing a "green" activity such as:
Tree Planting Recycling
Gardening Litter Pickup
Beach Cleanup Neighborhood Cleanup
Home Composting Installing Water Saving Device
Donating Items for Reuse Installing Energy Saving Device
Donating to a Local Food Bank Other Environmental Activity

That's all there is to it! Good luck and Get Green!

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