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In 2018, Homes for All supports strategic investments in bonding, housing, and services. Here is a brief summary on what is included in the 2018 Homes for All Legislative Agenda.

1) Bonding Request:$140 million to build and preserve affordable housing including
  • $110 million in Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIB) to create supportive rental housing, preserve housing with existing federal investments, and promote homeownership through community land trusts. Including senior and manufactured housing as eligible uses.
  • $30 million in General Obligation (GO) Bonds to make improvements to the state's public housing.
Include the tax-exempt bond allocation committee's key agreements:
  • Projects using bonds for 55% of costs or less are funded first.
  • Increased priority for projects with deeper affordability, longer term, and located in counties with lower average incomes.
  • Random selection for qualified competitors fully funds those selected.
  • Senior projects compete based on revised priority list, and Section 8 applicability for preservation is clear.
  • Firm 18-month limit on closing, and increased refundable deposits.
2) Appropriations Request: $10 million in appropriations (the state budget) to prevent and end homelessness, create affordable housing, and promote homeownership.
  • $2 million in matching funds for communities that create and resource a Local Housing Trust Fund
  • $2 million for Homework Starts at Home to support students of homeless and highly mobile families
  • $6 million in investments to prevent homelessness through rental assistance ($2M Bridges, $2M Housing w/Supportive Services, $2M Group Residential Housing)
  • $180,000 to reinstate the renter's credit to manufactured homeowners in resident-owned communities
  • Investment in the Workforce Homeownership Program, which seeks to double workforce homeownership opportunities in Minnesota
Additional materials regarding the agenda items, including the Homes for All support agenda, can be found on the Homes for All website.

Agenda Roll Out Process
The agenda will be released using a two phased process. The bonding request will be front and center at the start of session and after the supplemental budget is released, the appropriations agenda will follow.

Questions about this year's agenda? Contact Matt Traynor, Homes for All Community Engagement Co-Chair, at matt@mnhomelesscoalition.org

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