Purpose and Procedure 

o The purpose of this study is to determine the risk type personality of individuals who participate as helicopter pilots in general and Helicopter EMS medical staff.    

o My participation will consist of a short survey to collect demographic information followed by completion of the Risk Type Compass™ (RTC) to determine their personal risk type.  To get more information on the Risk Type Compass you can check out their web page here. - http://www.psychological-consultancy.com/products/risk-type-compass (This assessment would cost you over $100 for the online assessment and personal feedback.  Your cost through this research is FREE.  I understand that if I live outside the United States I may not be able to get the personal feedback.  Contact the Lead Researcher at the bottom of this consent page if you have further questions. 

o I understand that the two parts, This survey and the Risk Type Compass, should take you no more than about 1/2 hour to complete. 

o I understand that I will be asked to provide my name and email address at the end of the survey.  My email will only be used as a common unique link between the survey and the RTC.  Additionally by providing my name I will be given the results of the Risk Type Compass and that I will be the only one provided this information other than in the combined study results.  

 o   I understand that if I do not wish to give my name and email I can continue to provide the requested information to improve study results but I will not be given the results of my Risk Type Compass.

 Rights & Confidentiality 

 o My participation is voluntary. 

 o I can withdraw from the study at any time prior to completing this survey simply by closing the web browser. 

 o I recognize that my name will not appear in any resulting research publications, and that my data will only be used in an anonymized format alongside group data.  Findings of the Risk Type Compass™ are considered confidential personal information and are not for public use without my consent.  Individual findings from the personality assessment will be available to the researchers in this study and will not be shared individually.  If I wish, I may share my results.   

 o The results of this study may be published in scientific literature or presented at professional meetings and conferences using grouped data only. 

 o All information will be kept confidential through the use of number codes. My data will not be linked with personally identifiable information other than to allow the researcher to provide feedback on my own results to me and is the sole purpose for providing my name and email address. 

 Possible benefits  

 o I may benefit by understanding how my own risk type and preferences can assist me in understanding how I respond to crew members while participating in known risks.  It may also benefit me to understand more about how others look at risks and respond to stressful situations.  

The principle researcher in this study hopes to provide additional insight and understanding of how individuals on a flight team are affected by the unique personalities present. And that this information will be made available to CRM and AMRM instructors.   

 Questions regarding study procedures and receiving your personal results may be directed to Kenneth A Cerney (715-218-5393) or email ken.cerney@gmail.com, the principal researcher.

Question Title

* 1. I give my consent to allow my answers to be used in this study as listed above.