AFP Fundraising Confidence Survey (August/September 2021)

AFP’s Fundraising Confidence Surveys gather baseline data about members' attitudes and plans regarding fundraising, donors and their organizations. This iteration of the survey (Volume 4) is being conducted in August and September 2021 and covers fundraising from April through June 2021, as well as optimism moving into the future.

AFP will be conducting the survey a few times every year to gain both short-term and long-term data about trends in what fundraisers are doing and how they are thinking about their work throughout the year.

The survey is designed to be short and requires no specific figures. The survey includes 14 questions (including three open-ended questions), along with three demographic queries to help AFP understand any potential differences in confidence and attitudes among its membership.

The survey is designed to be anonymous. We are offering a free one-year membership to one randomly selected participant. However, even if you provide your name and email address, your information will be kept strictly confidential. All data will be reported in aggregate form only, and open-ended responses used in releases and other communications will be reported anonymously. Contact information will only be used to determine a winner for the one-year membership drawing.

A note on questions that ask your opinion on a scale of one to ten. You can either use the slider to position it at whatever number you like. Or you can simply input the number you want in the box on the right. However, if you use the box, be sure to hit TAB to move to the next question and ensure your response is received.

Thank you for your participation! Questions can be directed to Michael Nilsen, vice president, communications and public policy, at
20% of survey complete.