1. Introduction to the survey and Consent

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in participating in this study. Our aim is to explore the impact of anti-gender movements on trans, gender diverse (TGD) and wider LGBTQI mobilizing and rights and the role of (social) media in facilitating anti-gender mobilizing and discourses. The anti-gender movement is an international movement which opposes what it refers to as gender ideology, gender theory, or genderism (Kováts, Eszter, 2016). If you are part of an organization or an unregistered collective that works on trans, gender diverse, or wider LGBQ communities and issues, then we are interested in hearing from you! It takes about 20-30 minutes to fill out this questionnaire. You are welcome to send us your complaints or other types of feedback to research@gate.ngo

Please read all the way to the bottom! The information below tells you about our survey. At the bottom, you can tell us if you want to participate. Your responses will help us learn more about the anti-gender movement landscape, their strategies, and tactics, and their impact on trans, gender diverse, and wider LGBQ organizing and rights. This survey will also help us understand the possible role of (social) media in facilitating harmful narratives and enabling anti-gender movement opposition.


This study will be used by GATE for advocacy purposes, such as reporting to international institutions and mechanisms, building more effective strategies and mobilizing resources to support TGD and LGBQ organizations in countering anti-gender opposition, and consolidating and sharing knowledge and information among TGD and LGBQ activists.

Participation in this survey is voluntary. You do not have to complete any procedures or answer any questions you do not want to answer. You are free to withdraw at any time.
If you decide to participate, we will ask questions about your organization’s or unregistered collective’s demographics, the anti-gender organizing landscape in your context, the nature of their opposition and its impact, as well as the role of (social) media.
Considering the safety issues in many contexts relating to reporting on anti-gender opposition and/or being an activist or a community member, if you do not want to disclose your identity, you have the opportunity to stay anonymous. If you choose to stay anonymous, GATE will modify responses where potentially identifiable information is present, to prioritize and ensure safety.  
The online survey will collect the IP address of the computer used to complete the survey. This information will only be used to ensure that all responses are unique. Once this is verified, all IP addresses will be deleted from the dataset.
All records will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. Your private information will not be used for future research studies or distributed to another investigator for future research studies, with or without identifiers.

Records will be available to research staff who may review records as part of routine audits.
17% of survey complete.