Participate in the 2018 Debt Review Awards Peer Review

Are you the Best
Debt Counsellor
Credit Provider
Payment Distribution Agency
We are asking the industry who they think is doing a good job. We want to know what you think.
  • Debt Counsellors will be considered based on 5 different size categories. 
  • Credit Providers such as Banks and vehicle finance and retailers will be considered in various credit provider types (eg. secured/unsecured) .
  •  Payment Distribution Agencies will have THEIR OWN CLIENTS consider them (in isolation) and the end results of each will then be compared based on percentage. Debt Counsellors & CPs will both get to give input.

* 1. Would you like to be part of the Debt Review Awards 2018 Industry Peer Review?

* 2. Have you read the Terms & Conditions? HERE (be honest now)

* 3. What is your company name?

* 4. What is your NCR registration number (eg. NCRDC111 or NCRCP123)

* 5. What email address should we use to talk to your company about the Debt Review Awards Peer Review?

* 6. If you are a Debt Counsellor: (if you aren't just tick that you aren't and move along)
There will be 5 different categories of Awards for different practice sizes. DCs will be compared to other firms operating across the country of similar size.

If you are a DC and work at a large company with many DCs then you will need to put in the right category for the company you work for (and not just how many clients are under your personal name). If you are unsure please ask management which category to choose.

Your PDA will be asked to confirm that you fall within the suitable range (without telling us anything else about you) to make sure that we compare apples with apples. We don't want a massive firm with thousands of clients competing with a smaller firm for votes.

(1) If you have under 100 clients please indicate that you are a BOUTIQUE DEBT COUNSELLING FIRM

(2) If you have over 100 and less than 300 clients please indicate that you are a SMALL DEBT COUNSELLING FIRM

(3) If you have over 300 and less than 1000 clients please indicate that you are a MEDIUM DEBT COUNSELLING FIRM

(4) If you have over 1000 clients and less than 4000 clients please indicate that you are a LARGE DEBT COUNSELLING FIRM

(5) If you have over 4000 clients please indicate that you are a NATIONAL DEBT COUNSELLING FIRM


* 7. Are you a Credit Provider?

Please indicate in which category you will primarily be considered - remember different departments of those categories shown below can sign up independently: (if you are not a CP just tick the first box which says so and move on)

* 8. In your view, other than your own company:  Who is currently the best (1) Credit Provider debt review department (2) PDA and (3) Debt Counselling Firm in SA?

That's it for now.

We will contact you with more info soon and wish you all the best.