Information Letter and Consent Form

Dear PBLA Lead Teachers,

My name is Yuliya Desyatova and I am a PhD Candidate in the Languages and Literacies Education program in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto. I am inviting you to participate in the Phase 2 of the research project on PBLA implementation.

After reading the detailed information below, you can proceed directly to the survey, or contact me, if you have any questions, at, or at (416) 797-5855. Thank you!

Research Project Title: PBLA Implementation: Impact on Teaching and Learning

Principal Investigator: Yuliya Desyatova, PhD Candidate, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE, University of Toronto.

Purpose of the Study: Documenting the impact of PBLA implementation as perceived by LINC teachers and administrators.

Participants: I would like to recruit a large number of teachers and administrators from across Canada. Participation in the study is voluntary, and strict confidentiality of participants’ responses is guaranteed. Participants may withdraw at any time before the data is transcribed and de-linked from personally identifiable information.

Benefits for Teachers: This study is an opportunity to reflect on changes, if any, in experiences with PBLA implementation. The findings will be shared widely with all interested stakeholders.

What participants will do:
Teachers wishing to participate in the study will have an opportunity to complete a survey and a demographic questionnaire online
Estimated time commitment is 0.5-1 hour per participant.

This study has been reviewed and received ethics approval through the Research Ethics Board at University of Toronto (file #35064). You can review the approval letter which I received from the Research Ethics Board at the University of Toronto here.

You may also contact my supervisor, Dr. Enrica Piccardo, regarding questions at (416) 978-0275 or If you want more information about your rights as a research participant, or to verify the authenticity of this research, you may contact the Office of Research Ethics at (416) 946-3273, or
This research study may be reviewed for quality assurance to make sure that the required laws and guidelines are followed. If chosen, (a) representative(s) of the Human Research Ethics Program (HREP) may access study-related data and/or consent materials as part of the review. All information accessed by the HREP will be upheld to the same level of confidentiality that has been stated by the research team.

By proceeding with this survey, you acknowledge that you reviewed and understood the information above and you are giving your formal consent to participate.
You can skip any question or quit the survey at any time. Thank you!