The COPD Foundation is working with a group of partners including patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and researchers to improve how we communicate about new research results  and to learn more about the topics that are most important to those affected by COPD.

That’s where you come in! The first step in this project is to find out more about you, and what your needs are when it comes to COPD.  This is a chance for you to share with us what types of information and education you believe are important, what areas of COPD treatment and management you think are guided by strong information (evidence), those areas where you think there needs to be more information produced and what priority you give to different COPD related topics.

The following survey is designed to be completed by patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. The survey will take you approximately 15-20 minutes. The survey asks you to do the following;

1.     Provide some basic background information on how COPD impacts your life or your patients

2.     Complete two exercises that will ask you how strong you think the information is in 11 different subject areas and how important it is to you that new information be generated for these topics.

3.     The last ranking exercise will present some subtopics for each subject and ask that you tell us where you feel the most information is needed (e.g. areas where you feel there is not enough information for you and your health care team to make decisions about your COPD treatment and management).

4.     Provide some optional demographic information to help us understand if there are differences in what people consider most important based on individual characteristics like age, sex, gender and more.

We will use the results of the survey to:

-Determine the areas where additional information is needed most.
-Get a ‘big-picture’ look of the topics that people with COPD, their caregivers, and health care professionals consider the most important.
-Better prioritize research efforts in ways that are more beneficial for people with COPD, their caregivers, and health care professionals.
-Identify areas where there are gaps in execution (we know what works but it just isn’t being done), which will help us to ensure that existing evidence-based practice recommendations are being effectively communicated to the appropriate audiences.
-Help people in the COPD community make more well-informed decisions about medical care.
-Improve our understanding of how needs vary across different regions, populations, and groups, so we can better individualize care for people living with COPD and their families.
-Create more meaningful and relevant messages to patients, caregivers, and health care professionals, making it easier for evidence to find its way into practice.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from the community we have reached our limit of available gift cards. While we are not able to offer the thank you gift card anymore for each respondent, your responses are extremely valuable and we would welcome you to continue completing the survey. Patients and caregivers who complete the survey will be offered a chance to enter into a drawing for 1 of 5 $100 gift cards to be given out at the conclusion of the survey in late May.

We encourage you to also share the survey with the people who help you manage your COPD as we want to hear from all those who may need more information about COPD in this survey. Healthcare professionals completing the survey will continue to be entered into the drawing for 1 of 5 $100 gift cards. At the conclusion of the survey you will be directed to a new survey to enter your email for the gift card drawings.