Program Description: The Friend of MASBO Award recognizes individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Have made a significant contribution by which school business officials contribute to the education of students in their schools and/or districts, whether by means of pro-active involvement in the legislative process, creation of a model program/procedure, establishment of an exemplary standard or practice, etc.;
  • Have consistently, and on a long-term basis, provided significant assistant to MASBO in the implementation of its various functions and responsibilities; and/or
  • Have provided assistance to MASBO in a manner considered above and beyond expectations.
Sponsor: MASBO is grateful for its partnership with the leadership team at U.S. Omni who, through their generosity, have made this award possible.
Selection Process: Nominees may be submitted by anyone who is in a position to document and support the accomplishments of the person being nominated. There is no annual limit on the number of award recipients; they are entirely dependent upon the quality and number of nominees in a given year. The MASBO Board of Directors Award Subcommittee determines the award selection(s).
Award: The recipient receives a plaque to commemorate the award and is presented to MASBO members at the Annual Institute. Non-member recipients may receive the award at any MASBO event.
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* 1. Please provide a brief narrative summarizing the nominee's accomplishments in relation to the criteria above.

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