1. Terps Cheerleading Audition Application

Auditions are open to current and prospective, University of Maryland undergraduate and graduate students, including freshmen participating in the "Freshman Connection" program for the upcoming fall semester. See below and check out our website for additional tryout requirements. 
Step #1: Complete this application.

Step #2: Visit our website, www.marylandcheerleading.com, to download and complete the medical requirements packet (VERY IMPORTANT! You cannot audition without completing these requirements). **Please note that you will need to have a completed physical and your sickle cell test results in order to audition.  The physical must be current, meaning that you had it completed within the 6 months prior to the audition date (see medical packet for more information).

Step #3: Email the completed MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS packet to terpscheer@umd.edu, by September 10th, 2019.

Step #4: Show up to auditions scheduled on September 15, 2019 beginning at 9:45 am.