Interest Survey for Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life (Den Haag July, 2019) (

We are trying to develop a list of individuals who are considering attending theĀ  meeting in Den Haag (The Netherlands). We will use the contact information to update you on meeting plans (in addition to our web site - We will also use the information you provide for initial planning for the meeting. Our goal is to have a meeting that is as good as, if not better than, Dublin.

(Note, none of this information will be provided to other groups and we will limit our emails to only things that are of importance to potential attendees.)

Please share this link with anyone else you think might be interested in the conference.

The Organizing Committee

* 1. Last Name

* 2. First Name

* 3. Institution (University, Company, Agency, etc.)

* 4. Your country

* 5. Email address

* 6. Please enter your email address a second time

* 8. Please give us an idea of what you do that makes you want to attend the meeting

* 9. Did you attend the previous meetings on Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life

* 10. Are you likely to need support to attend this meeting?   (Please note, we have tried to be very generous with support in the past, but with the current funding situation we have no idea how much we can raise.  However, we are anticipating less support for the meeting than in the past. Thus, we are announcing the meeting almost two years in advance so potential attendees can start to seek their own funds now.)

* 11. What topic or topics would you like to see included in the  meeting in Den Haag?

* 12. If you are associated with an organization that potentially can provide sponsorship or funds for the meeting, please give us your thoughts on how we might apply for funding and indicate if you would be willing to help us apply. We would particularly appreciate help in applying.

* 13. Our past meetings have included oral presentations, posters, discussions, and we worked very hard to ensure that the meeting site is conducive to opportunities for informal get-togethers and discussions.  We are, as always, looking for ways to make the meetings even better. So, if you have ideas that we might want to consider to make the meeting even more valuable, we would like to get your thoughts.

* 14. How did you learn about AN2019