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About KyFit...


What is KyFit?
KyFit is a program where the power of exercise inspires and motivates individuals to make healthy decisions. Activities undertaken will focus on strengthening & building participants' protective factors. Some of the KyFit aims are to provide:
1. An opportunity for participants to develop relationships and trust with positive role models and mentors
2. An environment that will encourage health, fitness, and well-being
3. Opportunities to build and develop a sense of self-worth, confidence, self-esteem, along with increased physical, emotional, and mental health. 

KyFit is an ongoing weekly program which alternates sessions to assist in keeping sessions engaging, the program will run at various locations including schools, parks, gyms, and pools. Sessions are supervised by fully qualified trainers and police members who are all trained in first aid.

We also enter teams in near-by/local events such as the Mad Cow Mud Run and Kyabram Color Run as well as running our own 'Color Circuit'

#Students aged 12+

#Students aged <12 please contact us for further information
(assessed on a case-by-case basis)

Please note: Participants may be required to obtain a clearance from a medical professional, such as their GP. This may be due to age/ability/medical history. This will ensure the KyFit program is safe, prior to participation.

===Important Requirement:===
As of November, 2021, all participants will be required to be vaccinated re: COVID (There may be other requirements based on risk assessments and current health advice at the time)

#There is currently no cost to participate in the program, however after participants have attended a session or two and would like to continue they will need to obtain a KyFit top ($14ea) <Uniform cost assistance can be provided>
Current session times: 
KyFit P-12 - Tuesdays (School program Ky P-12 College)

KyFit community (After school program)
Thursdays: 4.00pm-5.00pm.

Question Title

* 1.
Is "participant" & parent/guardian aware and willing meet the following behaviour & expectations for the KyFit program?

KyFit behaviour and expectations:
#Participants must take part in a briefing/introduction prior to 1st session

#Non-attendance/absence of 3 sessions in the term without prior explanation will result in the position being released to next in line. 

#Zero tolerance towards any form of bullying, discrimination, aggressive/anti-social behaviour, including any form of behaviour that poses a safety risk to themselves or others.

#Participants are required to wear/change into the KyFit appropriate clothing prior to the session beginning, otherwise risk being unable to participate

#Participants will be encouraged to challenge & push themselves by the trainers and mentors, if it is deemed that participants are not pushing themselves, rather just going through the motions they will be asked to reconsider their attendance in the program.

#Any extra KyFit programs will be offered based on perceived effort, engagement and ability in the KyFit program, participation in extra programs is not a guarantee

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* 2. Which KyFit program are you expressing interest in?

KyFit P-12 (Tuesdays Kyabram P-12 College students only)
KyFit Community (After-school program Thursdays)

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* 3. Participant information:

Positions are allocated based on a number of factors and may not be offered based on time of submission, as new positions will be filling availability/gaps currently in the program, for example we may only fill a spot vacated by a yr9 student with another yr9 to assist in keeping an age balance in the program

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* 4. Parent/Guardian/Carer information:

When a position becomes available we will send you the KyFit information sheet with further details to consider before accepting or trailing the program.

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* 5. Has the participant received COVID vaccination?

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* 6. Does the participant know anyone already participating in the program?

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* 7. Do you have any questions, comments or concerns you would like us to address?

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