Brockton Cultural Council (BCC)-Community Input Survey 2023

1.Did you know that individual artists and artist groups, schools, and community groups can apply for grants from the Brockton Cultural Council?
2.The BCC has a website and a facebook page. We also publish information on the City Events Calendar as well as through flyers at the library. How can the Brockton Cultural Council improve our efforts to make known application deadlines and information about what we do?
3.Do you have any suggestions for improvement of the Brockton Cultural Council website or Facebook  page?
4.What issues are important to cultural vitality of Brockton?
5.Does Brockton need public art? What type(s) of public art would you like to have in Brockton?
6.How do you find out about cultural activities? (Please check all that apply.)
7.How often do you attend cultural activities and events in Brockton?
8.How often do you attend cultural activities outside of Brockton?
9.If you have attended an event or program funded by the Brockton Cultural Council, please tell us about it.
10.The Brockton Cultural Council works to distribute state funds for arts, humanities, and science through local grants. Our meetings occur on a few Saturday mornings in the fall and occasionally at other times of the year. Would you like to be member of the Brockton Cultural Council?  If so, please tell us the best way to contact you.
Current Progress,
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