Everyone knows you can check out books and movies from the library -- Mead Public Library wants to offer even more Things that you can check out and use at home!

Using this survey, we want to find out what new and useful items you, our patrons, would like to see become available at Mead as we expand our Library of Things:

* 1. Would you check out Baking or Cooking Equipment from the library?
Examples: specialty cake pans, cookie cutters, ice-cream maker, cake decorating tools, etc.

* 2. Would you check out Gardening Equipment from the library?
Examples: potting trowel, pruning saw, branch trimmer, etc.

* 3. Would you check out Tools from the library?
Examples: small drills, hammers, screwdrivers, safety gloves/glasses, pliers, etc.

* 4. Would you check out Mobile Making Kits from the library?
Examples: Sewing kit, Jewelry-making kits, Arduino starter kits, Lego Mindstorms, etc.

* 5. Would you check out Science Equipment from the library?
Examples: telescope, microscopes, chemistry kit, etc.

* 6. Would you check out Community Passes from the library?
Examples: day passes to Above & Beyond Children’s Museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the N.E.W. Zoo, etc.

* 7. Would you check out Technical Equipment from the library?
Examples: tablets, WiFi Hotspots, adaptor cables, projectors, etc.

* 8. Would you check out Musical Instruments from the library?
Examples: recorders, ukuleles, keyboard, etc.

* 9. Other – Please describe any other Things you would like to see available for check out that don’t fit into the above categories:

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