ANSYS Academic Partnership - University Competition Team 

ANSYS Academic Partnership - University Competition Team 
Student teams are requested to fill this form which will used to review and process your license request. Please complete the form so that we may have the most up to date information. Teams applying for partnership first time (new teams) should skip questions that are applicable for renewing teams. New teams are requested answer questions #1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 11, 12 & 16.

* 1. Renewing team is requested to send some simulation images and one team photo to before submitting this form.
Has this request been fulfilled?

* 2. Please include the University team's location and primary contact details.

* 3. Please list the University Team name

* 4. Was the team able to use the ANSYS software provided during the partnership term? (only applicable for renewing team)

* 5. If response is No to Question #4 - please provide a reason why the software was not utilized in this partnership. (only applicable for renewing team)

* 6. Please mention the name of competition(s) in which your team will be participating (include the year of participation).

* 7. Team rank in above competition(s)

* 8. Is this sponsorship (or getting experience of using ANSYS) helping your team to find a job? If yes, please share any success stories of students who were hired by the companies. Also, mention the number of students hired (Only applicable for renewing team)

* 9. Please list all articles and/or white papers that have been written regarding the design/development of the team vehicle that mentions the use of ANSYS software. Provide links if available.(Only applicable for renewing team)

* 10. Please select locations where the ANSYS logo will be made visible

  Team vehicle Team website Team exhibition signage Video Facebook team page Team presentations Other
ANSYS logo

* 11. Please list your facebook page so that ANSYS can "Like you" from our Student Team Facebook page. Please also be sure to like us as well:

* 12. Please provide a URL link to any available video coverage displaying the use of ANSYS software (only applicable for renewing team)

* 13. Please provide a URL link with any current images you have of your team vehicle or team design preferably showing the ANSYS logo within the image.(Only applicable for renewing team)

* 14. Please provide a brief summary of the team's progress in the past year and how your team has used ANSYS software in the design of your prototype or team vehicle (Only applicable for renewing team)

* 15. Please provide a brief outline of how your team is planning to use ANSYS software for this season?