1. HSA 2018 UM/UR Survey Welcome & Introduction

Thank you for agreeing to participate in Health Strategy Associates LLC’s (HSA) Second Survey of Utilization Management in Workers’ Compensation.

As a token of our appreciation, every participant who fully completes the survey will be placed in a drawing for an 11 inch iPad Pro or comparable Microsoft Surface.

As always, all information collected will be kept strictly confidential; HSA will list the name of the organization participating but not the name of the individual who participated, additionally HSA will make every effort to ensure that no response can be tracked back to any individual or company. 

For purposes of this survey, we define utilization review as: “A prospective, concurrent, or retrospective review of the use of medical resources for purposes of ensuring those services are related to the injury or illness, and/or are in compliance with medical treatment guidelines and/or medically necessary.”

Thank you again for taking the next 9 minutes to share your invaluable insight!