Proposal to establish traineeships for the IT industry in WA

The information technology (IT) industry in Western Australia is expanding rapidly, and competition for skilled workers is high.

A proposal has been submitted to the Western Australian government by the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), to develop a series of IT traineeships. The goal of the proposal is to help address industry’s skills and labour shortages, and provide rewarding jobs and career pathways within this sector.

About traineeships

Traineeships combine practical experience at work, with knowledge and skills-based education. Upon completion, trainees receive a nationally recognised qualification. Traineeships undertaken at levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 align to Australian Qualifications Framework vocational qualifications at Certificate III, IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels.

Support for employers

Employers of trainees are supported by government through a range of subsidies. The employer will partner with a registered training organisation, which is responsible for delivering learning, and is supported by an AASN (Australian Apprenticeship Support Network) provider throughout the process.

This survey

The aim of this survey is to seek support for these traineeships from the Western Australian information technology industry and other stakeholders, and to identify any industry concerns or objections.
There are 5 proposals in total that will be addressed in turn throughout the survey:

• Proposal 1: to amend the Traineeship in Information Technology (Level 3)
• Proposal 2: to amend the range of information technology traineeships at Level 4
• Proposal 3: to establish a Traineeship in Cyber Security (Level 4)
• Proposal 4: to establish a Traineeship in Information Technology (Level 5)
• Proposal 5: to establish a Traineeship in Information Technology (Level 6)
FutureNow is the industry skills council for digital technologies in WA, and is responsible for assessing industry's position on these proposals.
The survey should take around 12 minutes to complete- if you would prefer to speak to us directly, we welcome your input and encourage you to get in touch.

Individual responses may be identifiable, however you may indicate at the end of this survey if you prefer to remain anonymous. You can access FutureNow's privacy policy here.

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